Saturday, September 21, 2013

Color Run!

Carly and her friends had a wonderful time at the Color Run!  This is a 5K, and they had to check in at 7:30a to do it.  Thankfully, a family friend took the girls and got lots of photos!

She came home with black powder all over her (each color turns black when it gets wet), but she had a great time!  Go Carly!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Mount Si Hike

Gabe and Sam went with their Boy Scout group this weekend for a hike on Mount Si -- in preparation for their Boy Scout High Adventure next month to Mt St Helens. 

Sam didn't quite make it -- pooped out about 1/2 mile from the top and decided he just couldn't go any further!
Good job to the leaders who kept them all safe!  (Greg Webb, Jared Woodward, Jon Williams) 
Eight mile hike (round trip) -- very proud of my boys!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

This softball season has been pretty fun -- watching Carly's skills increase and her friendship circle grow.  She enjoys a multitude of sports (soccer, softball, volleyball, running), and softball isn't the top on her list, but I enjoy watching her play.

This year she was on team "Fuego" with the Parks and Recreation team.  Because there weren't enough players in our local league, they played against the Puyallup league, which meant playing against "select" teams, against older girls, and traveling to Puyallup for every game!  Whew!

Carly played short stop, third base, outfield (she has a great arm), and was backup catcher.  We really enjoyed watching her play this year!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sounders Match!

Daniel planned to take Carly and Gabe to a Sounders Match against the Vancouver Whitecaps.  Unfortunately, Gabe was sick and couldn't go.  So I had  got to go with them!  (Actually, I like attending these events, but with my knee issues, I was dreading the walking and the stair climbing!) 

Once we found out seats in the stadium, it wasn't long before we realized we were sitting amongst a field a Whitecap colors!  One of the ushers offered to find us alternate seats -- and they were even better than the seats we'd originally purchased.

We'd brought some Little Caesar's pizza with us, but couldn't resist having a dog (Daniel), and some popcorn (me), and we had to buy drinks in the stadium.

It was really something to be part of the roaring crowd, and I loved to hear the Sounders Band play each of the three times we scored (Yea, free haircuts at Great Clips!).  I might even want to go again!


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mother-Daughter Week, Oceanside CA

My mom loves the ocean.  I love BEING AT the ocean -- swimming in a pool is much more pleasurable to me, but the sound of the waves and the ocean breeze... there's nothing like it.  When it's my Mom's turn to plan our weekend together, she chooses the beach.  Every time.  She used some time share points and got us into a lovely condo right on the beach, and since it was for a week, we all wanted to be there for the whole week!  I really loved stretching our weekend together into a week long extravaganza!
Oceanside - OUR beach.
Posing on the pier.  The photographer (a random passer-by) was a little shaky -- not the clearest of all, but one of the only photos of us all together this week!
The weather was beautiful, but the water was cold and no one was in it (except for a few crazy little kids).  I was DARED to go in up to my neck -- my Mom offered $20, and Carrie threw in $1.  Worth it to me!  I totally went in!
This picture was taken just outside our condo -- we were right on the beach.  Wonderful.
Carrie and my Mom and I got to do a session at the San Diego temple -- the same temple that Daniel and I were married for Time and All Eternity (in 1994).  It was lovely to return there -- too bad Daniel couldn't be with me! 
Eating is always a big part of our weekends together, and this year was no exception.  I think we tried three or four different Mexican Restaurants.  We went here twice.  Drool.

I loved being with my sisters and Mom.  Once a year we can get together and catch up on each other's lives -- learn about each other all over again, and tell each other the little and big things from our day-to-day activities.  Usually we are doing a lot of reading and board games, but this year there was a lot of iPad activity!  I love our weekends together -- especially when they are stretched out to a week!  Can't wait for next year.