Monday, May 8, 2017

College Graduate!

Another milestone for Gabe!  He's now a college graduate, with a Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts in Entertainment Arts & Entertainment!

Daniel and I were able to go to Utah to attend the graduation ceremony.  

We also helped him move out of Grandma and Grandpa's house and into his own little rented room -- a bedroom in a house full of students.  He was able to bring the bed and desk from Grandma & Grandpa's house, so we just had to buy supplies and a few kitchen gadgets.  

I guess he's an adult now... maybe.  We are very proud of him for accomplishing this goal! 

He and some of his friends from his graduating class have formed a video gaming company, "Designated Play Space".  They released a VR game on Steam right before graduation -- their senior project, called "Trapped with the Dolls".  Here's a photo of the DPS group:
Now he's working as a 3-D Textural Artist on their next game, and looking for a job to pay the bills.  

Eventually their new game will be ready for sale, and all this (free) labor will pay off, but for now he's putting in the time (a lot of time) and work to help create their new game.

Monday, June 20, 2016

High School Graduate!

It happened.  My second son, Samuel R Martinez, graduated high school.  I knew it would happen.  It was inevitable.  However, I don't think I'm ready to have my two oldest children jump off towards adulthood.

I'm very proud of Sam.  He had some Aspergian social challenges going to high school, but he made it through, and has a future full of possibilities!

 Anyone who knows Sam, knows that he doesn't like his picture taken.  I prepped him months in advance that I would want to take "Senior" pictures.  He was prepared.  However, when the day came, he wanted it over as soon as possible.  My hour-long photo shoot dreams soon became just a desire to get one or two good pictures -- pictures that will commemorate the occasion, and will remind me someday of how my 18-year-old son looked.
Sam and Carly drove to Seminary together every morning, and they've gotten closer than ever this year.  I think because Gabe is at college, that had something to do with it.  Sam is now the older brother, and he is taking care of Carly.  I like seeing that they have a good relationship.  It makes me feel like I've done something right.
Sam didn't want to attend the actual Graduation ceremony, and I can understand why.  It would have been hours for him amongst a large crowd of his peers -- torture for him.  So, we celebrated at home on the night of his graduation.  We made steak, lobster tails, potato skins, and decorated the dining room with congratulatory balloons.  I hope he doesn't look back on this some day regretting that he didn't walk with his class.  I hope that we made the right decision in letting him graduate without all the pomp and circumstance.  I love him so much!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sayonara, Gabe

Gabe's in Utah now, looking for work, and getting ready to attend the University of Utah in the fall.  He's excited to get a degree through their college of Entertainment Arts & Engineering (Video Game Design!).  We took a road trip to deliver him, and stayed for a week. We had a lot of fun boating, swimming, sunning, eating, playing games.
 Gabe and Sam at Pineview Reservoir.

 Sam enjoyed riding behind Grandpa Vogt's boat.

Daniel even looks relaxed this week!
Carly hanging out at the pool. Eden UT
Enjoying an evening eating Mexican food with the family.

Now Gabe is in Utah.  We are back in Washington.  His room is cleaned out and Sam is very happy to have the whole thing to himself.  It's only been a few days, but I miss Gabe!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Boy Scout High Adventure

Depart -- Excited to get started!
Day 1: Rafting and Camping at Lake Wenatchee State Park

Awesome scout leaders - Zac Bird, Greg Webb.
 Day Two: Stuart Lake Hike
 Gabe and friend James McEachern 

 Gabe's final High Adventure before he leaves for college!

 The hike was a 1700 ft elevation gain, and was 10 miles RT. 
Beautiful Washington State.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tacoma Community College Graduation!

Because Gabe did the Running Start program - he was able to complete high school and an Associates Degree at the same time!

Proud Tacoma Community College graduate! 
 The three Martinez men.  Even Sam is smiling (maybe because Gabe's leaving to college soon? ;))

Two amigos.

This graduation was held at the convention center downtown.  After Gabe's all night grad party, he didn't get to sleep at all before his next graduation!